Conditional Formatting Error - selecting partial text, highlighting wrong rows (at random)

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Hi All, 


I downloaded a report into CSV for various properties. I wanted to highlight entire row if the property name contained a partial text. However, it's highlighting rows EXCEPT the ones I want, and quite frankly, it appears random. Here are the steps I have taken


1. make my selection (columns A-K, Rows 2-47)

2. Conditional Formatting > New Rule...

3.  "Use a formula to determine which cells to format"

4.  =SEARCH("Ridgestone",E2), Format... > fill (Yellow Highlight)

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Is this what you want to do?

conditional formatting.JPG

Yes, what was the issue? did I have to change the data from General to Text?



Now the rule for conditional formatting and the "applies to" range both start in row1.


Before the rule for conditional formatting started in row 2.


The "applies to" range didn't change and therefore the formatting was shifted by 1 row.