Conditional Formatting || Entire row based on two cells

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I was trying to do conditional formatting for A2 to K2, based on H2 & K2, but it is not working.

The idea is whenever I am giving the actual dates in the respective cells, it should give conditional formatting like, when I enter actual start dates, it should give "yellow" color, when I enter actual finish dates, it should give "green" color.


Please help.

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See the attached version.

You can view the rules in Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules.

@Hans Vogelaar : Thanks, This is working in this file, but when I tried to do same with another file but it is not working, is there any condition for this for not working, if I am still having those empty cells to give input. but some reference of it is given for calculation in some other cells ?



Please check data range to which rule is applied, first cell in it which used in formula and using of absolute/relative references. Usually issues are about that.