Conditional Formatting cells with different formulas

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I have a spreadsheet with 3,000 lines used for reviewing inventory.

I have a column that uses a simple formula =SUM(S14*1.19)/N14 this formula is used on all 3,000 lines

There is change about to take place that requires the calculation be *1.195 this change will be made to individual lines over several months. This there a way to use conditional formatting to change the cell colour when I change the formula against individual products

Thank you 

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Add a new column to your table, enter the number 1.19 into all of its cells. Update your formula by replacing the 1.19 in it with a reference to a cell in the newly inserted column on the same row. So if your new column is column T and you're on row 2:
Now anywhere you need the new 1.195, you simply enter that into column T on the appropriate row. Also you can now add a conditional format rule that highlights cells base don the value in column T.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank you very much. Solved my problem.....cheers