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Dear Experts,

                  Could you please help in conditional formatting so that on top of the numbers on right handside Table(JFW Attenuator ports) we can display also the RF unit ports?




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Anupam Shrivastava

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Your request for "conditional formatting" doesn't seem to line up with your verbal description "so that on top of the numbers on right handside Table(JFW Attenuator ports) we can display also the RF unit ports". That description doesn't fit with how conditional formatting is I think you must mean something else,


Could you, therefore, spell out a little more specifically what you want the result to be. Don't use Excel-speak, use plain old words. Let those who could help with Excel translate into Excel terms. Maybe illustrate manually what the result is that you are seeking: i.e., don't use a formula or Excel tool, just display it.


Like this:-


Thanks & Regards

Anupam Shrivastava


Conditional formatting changes the format (font, colors, bolding, etc.) of a cell, not (usually) the displayed value. So conditional formatting is not the solution.

To change the displayed value, you will need either:

  • a formula, if your right-side grid will always contain predictable values (such as your SEQUENCE formula in cell F2 generates); or
  • VBA code, if you expect the user to enter a value and then expect Excel to immediately do a lookup on that value to replace it.

The workbook I have attached uses formulas (actually, the same formula for all the cells in the lower grid; but if you reposition the grid, or if you need a different number of columns in the grid, you will presumably need to change the first calculation).

=LET( lookup_value, (COLUMN() - 5 + (ROW() - 8) * 8),
    lookup_result, XLOOKUP(lookup_value, $B$2:$B$100, $A$2:$A$100, lookup_value, 0, 1),

But if the column B values sometimes represent a range of values (e.g., "4-5"), then you have a design problem – a number in the grid will not match the text value of a range in column B. You have options for changing the design to handle that. The simplest is just to not use ranges; duplicate the RF Unit Port as required, and use distinct integers in column B for each row. Alternatively, you could split column B into two columns, one for the minimum numeric value and one for the maximum numeric value, preferably using number format (General or Number, not Text) for both. (The grid formula for this technique would be slightly different.)