Conditional formatting calendar in a Gantt Chart

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I am using a Gantt chart to schedule crews and I would like to have it color coordinated to easily see if anyone is missing from the schedule at a glance. 


What I want, is that if I pick a name from the drop down list in column C, for it to automatically change the color in the calendar portion to match what I have set. e.g. Bill = green, Bob = Blue.  My calendar starts on J, and shows through BN. Names would start on C9 and stay on the C column. 



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Do these rules for conditional formatting return the intended result in the screenshot?


This is the range the conditional format applies to.

conditional formatting.png


I made some changes and got rid of a column.  But I think some of the formulas that are built into the template are interfering with the formula you suggested. 


I tried to modify what you sent to match what is going on with my modified spreadsheet.  Not having luck though.   I feel like I should be able to edit one of the ones that starts with =AND(NOT(ISBLANK  to get the results.  But I need to learn the formula stuff better.