Conditional Formatting based on cell color

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What I need help with is the following:

Say in cell A1 I have a value of 10. And in cell B1 I have a formula something like =IF(A1=10,"OK","").

In cell B1 I have some conditional formatting something like: If cell value = OK make the cell interior color green.


What I need is if I change the interior color of A1, the conditional formatting in B1 will change to No fill color, or to change the font color, or whatever.


So in summary I am looking for conditional formatting based on another cell's interior color.


I am using the latest and greatest Office 365 version.


Thanks for any ideas.

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Thanks, but this is not quite exactly what I was hoping for.


What I am looking for is:


When a cell's interior color changes, then the Conditional Formatting will change.


Cell A1 interior color is green Conditional Formatting font color becomes Black

Cell A1 interior color is blue Conditional Formatting font color becomes yellow

Cell A1 interior color is Purple Conditional Formatting font color becomes red.


Any time I change A1s interior color, the CF Font changes accordingly.


My research so far shows that there are no conditional formatting to check cell interior color, so I am thinking that a VBA code snipit is going to be the solution, but since I know there are many creative Excel experts here, I wanted to ask first just in case...


this macro would be an approach, but without a value in a cell I don't think this can be done. Excel needs values or text to do anything, but I don't know of any way that can be automated with colors.


Option Explicit
Sub Colour()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("A1:D15, A1:D15")
On Error Resume Next
c.Font.ColorIndex = c.Interior.ColorIndex = 2
End Sub


 Thank you for your patience and understanding