Conditional Formatting across multiple rows

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I'm wondering if I can use one conditional formatting rule that can apply to different cells in the given range. For example, I want to highlight the cells in column 2 red if they are greater than their corresponding values in column 1 (the values to the left of them). In my example cells B2, B3, B5, etc. would be highlighted red. Can I do this with one rule or do I need a separate rule for every cell in column 2? I realize I could probably accomplish this with VBA, but I'm wondering if I can use one rule in conditional formatting. Thanks!


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This rule for CF works well in my spreadsheet.

Where did you set the formula?

Thanks! I was trying to do that in Rule Type "Highlight Cells with Value Greater Than" but once I selected the formula rule type that worked.


Conditional formatting -> new rule 

Please see attached file.


Thank you