Conditional Formating with formular based on check box form control

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My column G has check box form control. I need to set conditional formatting for column D so that when the check box is marked checked, the column D is formatted 

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Set the Cell link for each check box to the cell it covers:


If you wish, you can hide the TRUE/FALSE value in the cell by setting the number format of the cells with the check boxes to the custom format ;;; (three consecutive semicolons).

You can then use the formula =$G2 in your conditional formatting rule for column D (assuming that G2 is the top cell with a check box).

If we have over a hundrend rows, is there a way to auto replicate the formula across rows


Run this macro:

Sub AssignCellLinks()
    Dim chk As CheckBox
    For Each chk In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes
        chk.LinkedCell = chk.TopLeftCell.Address
    Next chk
End Sub