Conditional format rule to highlight cell in array based on containing text from another worksheet

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I am looking for a conditional format rule which I can highlight specific cells in an array based on a cell in another worksheet that does NOT contain "" in the FQDN.


I've attached a workbook, which contains a dashboard view of the application names which are in a wave. I want to highlight these names ONLY if their domain does NOT contain "" at the end of the FQDN Column in the "Dataset" sheet.



You can see I manually highlight red w/ white text to show what I mean. However, the conditional format rule only has to apply to the dashboard.




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Hi @ConnorAlign 


I get the following that IMHO matches what you described (so slightly different than what you manually colored):




  • [HELPER] column (can be hidden) in sheet 'Dataset' + Defined Name 'MasterServerToApp_HELPER' in Name Manager
  • Cond. Format. rule that applies to $B$7:$D$87 is: