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Hello! I am new here trying to figure out how to work with excel and a lot of questions came. For now just one that I need answers.

I have a Microsoft Home and Student 2019 product. I am trying to keep up with my monthly expenses but I found my self creating 2 sheets every month and expending a lot of time putting formulas and conditionals to every single sheet I do.

My question is:

1 - How I can apply a conditional to all the sheets?

    The conditional is: Highlight the result of the month been red for negative and green for positive (I am not sure If I made that conditional right)


I attached the picture showing the conditional that I put in but it says March and the sheet is February because I am stock there and I don't know how to apply it to the same cell.

Since the sheets are pretty much the same the cell where I put the result of the month is not going to change.


I appreciate any help. Thank you! 


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Can't help you much with only an image. My question, as someone who also has created a very ambitious workbook to track all our (my wife's and my) expenditures (check transactions from two checking accounts, credit card transactions from four credit cards)... is why you have separate sheets for all the "raw data"? A far better design is to have all the raw data on a single sheet, in a single data table, differentiating between "business" and "personal" --along with all sorts of other budget categories, etc.,-- is through appropriate use of columns containing those designations. You can then use such things as the Pivot Table to summarize things by month, by category.


Is that something you're open to?  I"ve attached a very simple example; it would be easy to add the "business" vs "Personal" data in a single column...... this is meant just to show how readily the Pivot Table takes a single database and analyzes it