Conditional Filtering: remove duplicates only when both columns are duplicates (Excel 2019)

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Dear community,


I have downloaded observation data of insect species and want to delete duplicates of coordinates in Excel 2019, but only if the year is the same as well. If the year of observation is different, I don't want to remove these duplicates. 'Coordinates' and 'year of observation' are in separate columns. Is there any fast way to do this?

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Hi @Nick_S,


Fortunately this is a really easy thing to do using Excel's Remove Duplicates data tool:

  • Highlight your data
  • Click on Data > Remove duplicates
  • Ensure year and coordinates are checked
  • Click OK

Excel will automatically delete the duplicates. Please note, since Excel deletes the data, you may want to first make a copy of the sheet before using remove duplicates to preserve your original data.


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