Conditional copy of cells

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In my Sheet I have a gantt timing plan. It contains about 20 different Projects.

Each having about 30 Milestones. Every milestone is a seperate row, which makes the sheet very uncomfortable to read.

What i want to do now is write all Milestones per project in one row.


Therefor i need to have a formular that does the following:


in each coloumn from "M" on:

- search for the rows that are the same project. 

- compare the year and date of the coloumn with the "Jahr" (year) and "KW" (calenderweek) in G and J

- if the "Dauer KW" (duration CW) is "Meilenstein", 

Copy the cell to this one row, that shall contain all Milestones.


In this example: row 11 should then contain all Milestones that are found in this Sheet that belong to the Project AU591. And they should be in the correct coloumn with the correct date.



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