Computing value when text equals certain item

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I am calculating invoice amounts based on item name and price. For example:
No till drill (item)= $50/day plus $10/acre
cell A1 = No Till Drill
cell B1 = 1 (# of days used)
cell C1 = 10 (# of acres)
So, if cell A1 = 'No till drill", then I need cell D1 to = ((B1*50)+(C1*10)).
I have multiple items and prices in this worksheet, so I need to generate the formula ONLY if the text in A1 equals specific text.
Is this possible?
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Let's say you have a lookup list in R2:T50, with item names in column R, the corresponding price per day in column S and the price per acre in column T.

In D1: =IFERROR(B1*VLOOKUP(A1,$R$2:$T$50,2,FALSE)+C1*VLOOKUP(A1,$R$2:$T$50,3,FALSE),"")

This can be filled down if required.



so if A1 <> "No Till drill", what is the formula in D1?