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Hi - Trying to build a complex IF/OR function statement for multiple conditions.  Right now, I am working around it with a 3-step process, but I need to add another condition and ultimately nest everything.  

Logic in business terms:

Determination 1 - If an entry exceeds a $ amount AND meets any one of 4 other criteria = TRUE


Determination 2 - If an entry exceeds a higher $ total = TRUE.


For the first determination, I've worked around it by doing it in three steps:

Column one (column AP) is the first half  =IF($AE155>250000,"TRUE","FALSE")

Column two (column AQ) is the second half =IF((OR($AH155 = "yes", $AI155 = "yes", $AJ155 = "yes", $AL155 = "Comply")), "TRUE", "FALSE")

Column 3 (determination 1) =IF(AND($AP155 = "TRUE", $AQ155 = "TRUE"), "Required", "Below Threshold")


The second determination is easy:

=IF($AE155>500000,"Required", "Below Threshold")


How can this be combined into ONE nested IF OR statement?  I have 365, so IFS is also an option.  

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IF($AE155>500000,"Required", IF(AND($AE155>250000, OR($AH155="yes", $AI155="yes", $AJ155="yes", $AL155="Comply")), "Required", "Below Threshold"))

thank you so much! it worked beautifully.