Compiling data across tabs.

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I have an excel document with columns ranging from A-K. each column has very different information specific to identifying an object, except the F column. This column Identifies the location of said object in the row with a 6 digit code. There are many different codes which create a long list. I want to set up groups based on the information in the column of location codes to automatically pull to separate tabs in my document.

Basically, if F column on Tab A equals h99999, h99998, and h99997, then fill A-K row of Tab B with A-K from Tab A. 

I'm sure this is a newbie question, but is this possible? and if so, what formula what I need to do this? 

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Why? it hardly ever is a good idea to spread similar date over multiple worksheets. Why not use filtering instead?
This is a weekly negative report. The first tab shows everything wrong within an organization and each tab afterward shows a breakdown on where the problem is located.
The panel that receives this report only wants to go through the tabs and see who is at fault.
Well, this was a waste of time.
Please be aware that the people responding here are doing so voluntarily. I lacked the time for a more elaborate response I'm afraid.