Compile error in hidden module: CodeModule.

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When I open an Excel file with macros and try to edit, it always shows me the message "Compile error in hidden module: CodeModule." and I can not edit the file. I can open this file in any other machine with windows.
My laptop is a brand new Dell latitude 9510, with windows and office 365 freshly installed.

All the updates have been done in windows.


Please help me as this is part of my daily routine and I can not work with this new laptop this way.



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When you say 'try to edit', is it the worksheet formulas that you are trying to edit or the VBA?

What you need is to have the code window open in order to see the module that is failing.  This is a blind guess but it might be that your new machine is set up to run 64 bit Office but VBA code is trying to call 32 bit libraries.

HIi!@Peter Bartholomew 


I am working with a Macro-enabled Excel file, is the worksheet that I try to edit. When I open the file, I get the error window (attached), then click "OK". Then I click in my macros icons in my Excel file and the same error window pops-up.
In my old laptop, every time It opens normally. And its not so old, Corei7-6600U and Win 10 64bits. And this excel file runs perfectly in all my other work colleagues laptops.
I don't know how to enter into that code window you are talking about, but I will find out.


Thanks for the reply!


I am not thinking of anything exotic.  Just the developer tab and click Visual Basic or Alt+F11 to open the VBA code window.  As long as the project is not password protected, you should be able to look through the code.

@Peter Bartholomew 

This Excel files are like our main app for work, they are all password protected : (

@Peter Bartholomew 

I managed to unlock the Excel file, now I have access to the code. I should be able to "run the code", but I am still trying to figure this out.


If the code is run by clicking buttons or selecting a macro to run, it is likely to be in an ordinary module as a subroutine or a function.  If it runs whenever you open the workbook or make a change the event handlers will be in modules specific to the workbook or sheet.  It is also possible to use Class modules but that is less likely.


Under Tools / References you should be able to see the versions of libraries available for use.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten what shows if something you need is missing or is the wrong version.  What is puzzling is that the other machines you mention are relatively new; incompatibilities are more likely when old code is ported to new computers.