Compatibity of Excel PowerPivot in Standard version 2013

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A client wishes to visualize some thier data, and Power Pivot is perfect for their needs of the department.

However, they only use Office 2013 Standard Editions across the company.


Their question, and my concern is the following :


Can one use a Excel file designed using Power Pivot on the (Plus or Pro or more recent edition) in the standard 2013 Edition?


I cannot seem to find a clear answer on this point. The offical examples/sample files seem to work fine in the Standard Edition.


A confirmation would be highly appreciated.



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@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks, but I am aware of the link you shared. While it says in which edition Power Pivot is available, it does not mention anything about usage,


For example, I was able to open the sample file in Excel 2013. It works fine and also has Ribbons for some elements of the design, but not relating to creation of the data model (except activating/deactivating).






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As I remember you shall have Power Pivot tab on ribbon if you have it installed. In the menu of this tab it shall be Manage Data Model or so which opens Power Pivot interface.


I don't remember 2013 details, perhaps this Creating a Power Pivot Data Model in Excel 2013 ( helps.

Thanks for the help @Sergei Baklan


It seem that this as is good a confirmation, I can get...


I communicated to the client : just upgrade!