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Hi, can someone help with the formula to extract (or filter on) a column containing dates where the value is greater than the date column before it?

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Use FILTER() function. Show few sample data then desired output. Edit and attach a sample file to your post.



I need to filter on the Actual end date where it is greater than the planned end date

Planned start date   Planned end date   Actual end
01-Jan-22 04:30:00 01-Jan-22 07:30:00 01-Jan-22 04:40:19
01-Jan-22 06:15:00 01-Jan-22 08:00:00 01-Jan-22 07:03:43
01-Jan-22 07:00:00 01-Jan-22 09:00:00 01-Jan-22 07:25:46