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I have two spreadsheets with similar information.  I need to merge the two together with the columns being used to match the row. 


Ex:  Spreadsheet 1 has Jane Doe on Row 25 in Column A,  Spreadsheet 2 has Jane Doe on Row 65 in Column A.  


Is there a way to merge and then sort them so that data pertaining to Jane Doe ends up in the same row? 

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Many questions arise from your inquiry.

For example, it is not clear what should happen with the double values in different lines.

What if line 65 says something else on sheet one and something else on sheet two?

... or in line 25, what else is on the other sheet?


With your permission, please read the information in the attached link.

This information will make life easier for you as well as for the helpers.

Above all, you will receive proposals for solutions that are much faster and tailored to your needs.

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Thank you for your time and understanding



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