Comparing two music libraries

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I have an Excel 365 file with 2 sheets. Each sheet consists of info from 2 music libraries on 2 computers. They are listed in tables containing 3 columns (Artist, Track, Album). I want to check if the list on sheet 2 is missing any of the songs from sheet 1. I have tried XLOOKUP, MATCH, and VLOOKUP, unsuccessfully. I know that one of these, in conjunction with IF or some other function, will do the trick, but I can't quite get there.

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One way is this...


On Sheet1,

In D2




Change the 500 with the last row of data on sheet2 in the above formula but avoid referring to the whole column like $A:$A.


@Subodh_Tiwari_sktneerI tried using your method, but every result is NA. I attached a sample portion of my file to the original post.


The problem is that many of the values on the Remote sheet have spaces before and/or after them, but the corresponding values on the Local sheet don't. So they don't match exactly.

You could use