Comparing frame of time to values


I keep track of my health information (exported from Fitbit/smart watches, saved from Dr's appointments, etc.) in Excel. I have a simple line graph for my health measurement readings with just a date and a measurement. I'd like to overlay/add a period of time to the same chart to see the correlation between what was happening in my personal life vs. my health measurement.


This graph (below) is from my fitness tracker, and I can toggle the sleep time off and on. Is it possible to achieve this in Excel?



TL;DR: I want to make a graph using the above example, replacing Heart Rate for a health measurement (ex: pulse) and replacing sleep for a period of time (event name and date range).

For reference, my data currently includes the following columns with two sets of information:


  • Period of time
    • Date range start date
    • Date range end date
    • Event name (diet name, fitness plan name, life event)
    • Event type (not as important, though it might be a nice data point to use for filtering)
  • Health Measurement
    • Date of health measurement
    • Health measurement value (a simple number, no decimals or fractions)

Here is a small sample of one health measurement (pulse) vs. the date range:


sample data.png


I have attempted a combination chart, but I don't think I have my data setup appropriately to achieve the desired results. 


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