comparing data in two columns

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I am sure this will be easy for this community.

I have 3 sheets (names in bold), sheet one is for my Data input, sheet two is an amortization schedule for a borrower’s Current Loan and sheet three is an amortization schedule for a borrower’s proposed Refinance Loan

I want to determine the Payment Date for when the Ending Balance of the Refinance Loan is equal to or lower than the Loan Balance after Payment of the Current Loan.

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Did I submit this question correctly and to the right discussion group?  Please help. Thanks  @daupdike 

@Peter Bartholomew I saw that you recently solved someone's problem, so I was hoping you might be able to help me.  Thanks


here is the spreadsheet 


I do not have a finance background but I enclose some exploration.  I did try goal seek but with discrete payments goal seek did not converge.