Compare two sheets and replace values

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Hi, I want to compare Column A of sheet #1 in a file to Column A of sheet #2 (same file different tab).  If it matches, then replace the value in Column F in Sheet #1 with the value in Column C of sheet #2.  There are 25,000+ rows that I'd like to compare and replace.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Thanks for your help!

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Check this out:
Sheet 1:
sheet 1.JPG



sheet 2:

sheet 2.JPG

Thanks for your reply! What would I add to the formula to take the "Value" from Sheet 2 Column C (if it matches) and put it into Sheet 1 Column F? Thanks again!
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formula for cell F1 on sheet 1

=IF($A1=Sheet2!$A1,Sheet2!$C1,"NOT MATCHED")

 This will bring the "VALUE" of Sheet 2 column C (if matches) on sheet 1 column F.

sample file is on the attached.

Thank you so much!