Compare two list in different dokuments


I oversee ordering of labels in my company and are seeking a smartere way to do this.

Problem -  I have ne dokument contaning all data and numbers.

Receiving one document with let say 40 labels numbers that we want to ordre.

I need to compare these numbers to my own list. Normally I use filter but can only seek one number at a time. 

Is there a easier way to do this?

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@Rikke_Olesen Consider using one of the lookup functions (VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP if your Excel version supports it). Otherwise, consider Power Query. Create a file that connects to what you call "my own list". In the file you create a table where you dump "labels ordered". Connect to that table as well and let PQ return a list of ordered labels compared with "your own" labels, indicating either "found" or "not found".


Once set up properly, open the file, dump in the new label orders and press Refresh All on the Data ribbon. If "your own lists" ever changes, just make sure to save it back in the same place and with the same name, otherwise PQ can't find it. But you will not have to open that file when you want to check the ordered labels


If you are not familiar with PQ (and provided you are not working on a Mac), check-out the link below to learn more about it. 

If you have the Excel file attached for example, I can quickly use Power Query to compare the list using invoke function like list.interseact.
Or alternatively, countif with conditional formatting can also do