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I would like to compare tow tabs in which i have a date and a number and some other values.

I wanna find out, if the same pair of date and number appears in the other table to or not. How could i do this?

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Let's say the dates are in column A on both sheets and the numbers in column D.

In an empty column on the first sheet, enter the following formula in row 2:

=COUNTIFS('Other Sheet'!A:A, A2, 'Other Sheet'!D:D, D2)>0

Replace Other Sheet with the real name of the second sheet (and modify the ranges as needed).

Then fill down.

The formula will return TRUE if there is a matching pair, and FALSE otherwise.

If desired, you can sort or filter on the column with these formulas.


On the other sheet, you can create similar formulas that refer to the first sheet.

Seams to work generally