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Seeking any help or guidance. Projects will pay amounts listed in table A, on the dates listed in table B. I'm attempting to combine these two tables in format shown in table C. So if the Payment Date matches date in first row in table C, I should be able to pull the payment that was made on that date and populate table C. Apologies if this is amateurish or I'm missing something basic. Thanks. 


Table A

 Payment 1Payment 2Payment 3Payment 4
Project A$0.49$0.79$0.79$0.15
Project B$0.19$0.84$0.01$0.32
Project C$0.18$0.12$0.30$0.12
Project D$0.22$0.50$0.99$0.98


Table B:

 Payment 1 DatePayment 2 DatePayment 3 DatePayment 4 Date
Project AJan-2018Nov-2019Oct-2020Apr-2021
Project BJan-2019Nov-2019Oct-2020Apr-2021
Project CJan-2018Nov-2020Oct-2020Apr-2020
Project DJan-2018Nov-2019Oct-2020Apr-2021


Table C:


 Jan-2018Feb-2018Mar-2018Apr-2018May 2018Jun-2018Jul-2018Aug-2018Sep-2018Oct-2018Nov-2018Dec-2018
Project A            
Project B            
Project C            
Project D            
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Try this:


Sample file is on the attached.

Perfect, thank you!