Compare columns in 2 or more datasets to identify differences

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Monthly we download a list of jurisdictional wage tax rates from official state registers. These downloads are a comprehensive list of wage tax rates with effective dates (new postings to this register may include historical rates that have been newly updated) The downloads list jurisdictional rates in columns (Municipal Nonresident EIT percent, Municipal Resident EIT percent, School District EIT percent, School District PIT percent, Total Resident Income Tax percent, Municipal EIT LIE dollars, School District EIT LIE dollars, Municipal LST dollars, School District LST dollars, Total LST dollars, Municipal LST LIE dollars, School District LST LIE dollars)   Each month we compare each column to the last download columns to determine the column differences then compare the results to our internal existing database and update our internal database for the differences identified. Today my user uses a series of 12 Vlookup columns & mathematical results (=J2-K2) to identify the difference for each of the 12 columns against the last download.


Can anyone suggest an alternative? Thanks. 

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