Compare cells, if true, result in another column

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Hi all,

See attachment for example

My students takes an exam.

Student has 19 points (M5 =SUM(C5:L5)) of 110 points.

2,6 is than the result of the student his exam

I want to compare colums M with column O and column O with column P.

Result column P sets automatically in column B



I want that Excel automatically set B5 to 2,6


M5 result compare with O1:O223, if true compare it with P1:P223 and that's the result for B5.

What's the correct formula?

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Is this the formula you are looking for?
Thanks for your reply Quadruple. When i do this, i've got an error

there's a problem with this formula not trying to type a formula
When the first characater is an equal......

What to do?
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Never mind, i've , replaced with ; and it works.