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Hope u can help. I want to compare 3 different columns to see what effect they have on each other. 

It is for a marketing assignment.


Column 1: City

Column 2: Population
Column 3: Number of ordered parcels within a year

Column 4: Average income

First I have divided column 2 and 3 to see which city orders most parcels pr. person. Now I want to see if the average income has an effect on how many parcels people order. 

How can I do that? And if u have an idea to how I can visualize it in Power BI that'd be great.


Thanks in advance



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It is for a marketing assignment.

Thank you for being honest about that. Those of us who are active answering questions on this forum have a tacit agreement (many of us have talked about it in person via Teams connections) that we aren't here to do people's homework for them. So to the extent that this is a homework assignment, at the very least, we'd want to hear quite a bit more of what you've done so far to answer your own question. Then, if you've come up against a brick wall, maybe we could chip away a brick or two...


You say you have "divided column 2 and 3 to see which city orders most parcels pr. person," which is a good start. But what are your own thoughts -- not from an Excel point of view, just in terms of logic -- as to how you'd set about determining if average income has any effect?


If you can put that logic into words, you're more than half-way to your Excel answer.


(Frankly, I don't know why you'd need Power BI, unless that itself is a part of the assignment.)

I totally respect your position on not doing my homework. I didn't know the rules for the forum

I have tried different things and ended up dividing all the cities in 4 groups based on how many parcels they have ordered pr citizen. Then I took the average of the average income (that sounds weird) for each group and saw if there was a correlation between number of parcels pr. citizen and average income. I really just looked at the 4 results and wrote a conclusion,

I hoped to find a formular or some kind of logic that would give a more precise answer but couldn't really figure it out.

Thank u for your answer