Community Question - How have you been using the new Stocks and Geography Data Types?


How have you been using the new Stocks and Geography data types in Excel? Since the new Stocks and Geography data types in Excel have been available to Insiders for a little while now, we want to hear from you! How have you been using them so far? 


The dot operator and autocomplete are how you use fields in a formula


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From what I see, this Stocks feature became available around March 2018. 

Office 2019 came out around October 2018, correct? 


Why is this feature absent from Office 2019 which I recently purchased? Consumers expect the latest features to be in the latest software version. If you bought a new car yesterday, wouldn't you expect it to include features that were in the previous year's model?


It seems misleading and deceptive to exclude this from Excel 2019 and to only include it in the 365 version, especially so when the feature became active in March (in 365) and the Excel 2019 was released many months later. 


What does Microsoft say? 




Hey TampaTrader, So sorry for the frustration you are feeling with your new Office 2019.
Unfortunately, features like Ideas and new data types are services-backed features that will only be available for Office 365, commercial users and consumers. Those features are not going to be available in Office 2019, or any other  "Office [Year]" versions of Office.

However, soon you will have access to Stocks data types in Excel Online which will be available to anyone who is signed in at 


Thank you for responding. Just to clarify, since you mentioned "commercial users" does MS Office Professional 2016 include this feature? 


Does Excel online integrate at all with Excel 2019? When might online version have the stocks feature?


It seems as if I wasted money purchasing Office 2019. 


Thank you.


Hey TampaTrader, 

To further clarify, no MS Office Professional 2016 does not include Data Types. We have commercial and consumer versions of Office 365 that include this feature, but the consumer or commercial "perpetual" licensed versions "Office [year]" will not have them. 

You might have access to Data Types in Excel online now sign in, and open a new workbook then go to the Data Tab. If you see Data Types you are good to go. If you don't see it yet, my apologies. On the web with big features we roll out to a percentage at a time to make sure everything is working. Right now we are only at 10% of our online customers. The percentage will increase and we hope to be at 100% in a couple months. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

I work on the product team, but am passing along your last feedback about 2019 to the appropriate parties. Hopefully we can make this less confusing in the future. 


Hey @TampaTrader

I understand this isn't an ideal option, but I found out that:

  • Items, including packaged software, purchased directly from Microsoft Store on the web, on Xbox, on Windows or retail fall under the One Microsoft Refund policy and can be returned.

Again, sorry for the confusion when purchasing Office, we are hoping to address this issue in the future.


@Blake T Walsh 

I am a longtime MSFT office user on Windows and about ten years ago switched to the Apple Mac platform. I use Bloomberg professionally but wanted to have a portable copy of my portfolio that I could use away from my Bloomberg terminal. I was very excited to hear that real-time global securities pricing was added to Excel. But then I was shocked to discover that this functionality was only available on the Windows version of excel not the MAC version. There is absolutely no technical reason why this should be so, so I must assume that the reason is political - to deprive functionality to MAC users in order to drive them toward adopting Windows instead. Is any of this true and is there a work-round to getting real-time securities pricing in excel on the MAC or do I need to drop excel all together? Thanks in advance for responding if you can...   



IMHO, the only politics these days is to push users to use cloud infrastructure. Doesn't matter which on which client they are - Excel Windows Desktop, MacOS, Android or browser. In particular, new data types are available for Mac if you are Office365 subscriber


By the way, same for Windows.


@Blake T Walsh 


I am pretty pleased with this service. Data is reliable except for some funds in Europe where the price is lagging two days behind. 


I Cannot find the right wording or ticker for the Euronext stockexchange indices like AEX Amsterdam XAMS, CAC40 Paris XPAR, or  BEL20 Brussels XBRU. I tried over a hunderd times but nothing seems to work. Any Idea???