Comments in a shared Excel file

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I am working on a Mac running v16.37, collaborating on excel files with two colleagues working on PCs via VPN.


In this version of excel I am no longer able to add or edit a comment to a shared file-- I can see them comments but there is no option to add or edit when I right click, and the comments options are greyed out in the review toolbar. My old laptop is running 15.37 and I am able to add and edit comments on the same file. 


Help appreciated!

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I expect this is due to a version difference where Mac Excel is behind in capabilities compared to Windows Excel. Try editing the file in Excel on-line instead.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank you; I am working on a shared workplace server so do not have the option to work with Excel online. I am hoping there is a fix within the program itself.


The older version of Excel for Mac is compatible with that used by my PC colleagues so the issue shouldn't be that the Mac product is lagging. More likely that the functionality was missed/lost in the 'upgrade'?