Comment? Note? What is this message?

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I downloaded an excel template with the following messages in the table titles.

It is not a comment or note. What is it and how do I change, edit or get rid of them?




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Thanks to Denise_955 and DKoontz for the discussion on June 10 2021
Data Validation Message Input.


It's the input message of a Data Validation rule.

Select the cell.

On the Data tab of the ribbon. click Data Validation.

On the Settings tab, you'll see that the Allow drop-down has been set to List.

The Source box specifies what the drop-down list in the cell will display.

The Input Message tab contains the text shown in your screenshot. You can either clear the check box in this tab, or edit/clear the text.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you. That data validation choices was not familiar to me. So, I practiced several conditions to master that part of the ribbon. 

Thanks again.