Combobox clears other combo boxes occasionally (using AfterUpdate)

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Hi all,


Been working on a large array of dependent combo-boxes.  I have a userform that has 4 dependent combo boxes to control an AdvancedFilter and ultimately will have 10 rows of the same.  Just trying to get the first row of boxes to work at this point.  I have several working but for some reason, I am getting faults.  If I use the _Change function on them, I get a "AdvancedFilter method of Range Class Failed". If I use _AfterUpdate instead, it works (does not fault), but acts odd.  When I choose a value in a Combobox, it does not update the AdvancedFilter criteria field until I click the next Combobox and on some it actually clears the previous combobox when clicked.

Any ideas?


I've attached the file for testing to show what I mean.  Click on the Platform/mf combo-box first - sheet Filter1 immediately updates .  Then click on Chamber 1 Division combo-box - the field does not update.  Next click on Chamber Description, Division will then update on the Filter1 sheet.  Last click on GOT Code.  When you click on the GOT Code combo-box, it clears the Chamber Description (not every time though - try it a couple times), but does update the Chamber description field on Filter1.  In order for Gotcode to fill in the field on Filter1, I have to click on another combo-box. 


This is not real user friendly, but at least I have it all working- too a long time to get to this point


The goal here is to fill out all of the field and then export it as a configuration matrix.  FYI - The Platform combo box will apply to all Division boxes.




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Here is another version that has 2 rows of dependent combo-boxes working.  Each row will have it's own sheet so that the Advanced filter works cleanly.  Open to other suggestions though.


Also - it opens direct to the Userform.