combining two if statements in one with a vlookup


Hi all, my formula works if I enter it individually but as soon as I combine into one then it adds instead of using the scenarios, any advice on how to bring two scenarios together in one formula?


The scenarios - if Q15=3 then the answer must return the values as per vlookup but if Q15=4 then it should return another value as per vlookup.


=IF(R15=3,0,0)+VLOOKUP(E16,'Point System'!U:Y,4,0)AND/OR(IF(R15=4,0,0)+VLOOKUP(E16,'Point System'!U:Y,5,0))

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=VLOOKUP(E16,'Point System'!U:Y,R15+1))

Thank you! You are a star as always

@Hans Vogelaarme again. I want to change the statement to use two scenarios in one vlookup, is that possible? I want to lookup the account number and month of billing to give me a result. Taking into consideration is that a date is used.
=VLOOKUP(Acc number,'Source'!B:B,)&VLOOKUP(Month,'Source'!A:D,4,0)


I'm afraid that I don't understand. Could you try to explain in more detail, perhaps with a screenshot or attaching a sample workbook?



=IFNA( INDEX( Source!D:D, MATCH(1, INDEX( (Source!A:A = A2)*(Source!B:B = B2), 0), 0 ) ), "no such" )

@Sergei Baklan I will use this one and see if it returns the value that I am looking for. Thank you.