Combining text from different cells into one cell

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I'm trying to combine text from multiple cells into one, but the information in excel help is not working.  How would I accomplish this?

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@Chris_Hafstein  there are a few options:

= A1 & B1

= concat (A1, B1)

= concatenate (A1, B1)

= textjoin ("",true,A1, B1)     


@Chris_HafsteinYou could also use Flash Fill. In a cell type what you want the answer to look like. With the cell selected click Data > Flash Fill or press Ctrl + E.

If you don't know Flash Fill. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

If your data is changing regularly then a formula option offered by @mtarler is better.



IMHO, the solution is slightly depends on what do you mean under multiple cells (are couple of them or couple hundred of cells, sequential cells or in some other order) and what means combine (with delimiter or without, with sorting or not, etc).

It's always better to provide sample file with few records and manually entered desired result.