combining IF statements

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I'm trying to combine the following IF statements into 1:

=IF(AND(B18<>$D$2, L18>=0), VLOOKUP(B18,$D$2:$E$5,2,FALSE),VLOOKUP(B18,$D$2:$F$5,3,FALSE))


=IF(AND(B20=$D$2, L20>$F$2), VLOOKUP(B20,$D$2:$E$5,2,FALSE),VLOOKUP(B20,$D$2:$F$5,3,FALSE))


The 1st statement reads: FOR POB <> SUB AND DISCOUNT IS >=0, RETURN 33% (VLOOKUP) IF NOT RETURN 0% (VLOOKUP)


The 2nd statement reads: IF POB = SUB AND DISCOUNT IS > -1%, RETURN 33 % (VLOOKUP), IF NOT RETURN -1% (VLOOKUP)


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2 IF statements can be added/chained together but you need to decide how:
IF( condition1, true 1 result, IF( condition2, true 2 result, ...
in the example you gave both IF statements have both true and false calculations so what priority do you need to chain or waterfall the IF statements?
Thanks for the response! I would say the 2nd statement would take priority. How would that change the formula if I were to combine?
I didn't explain well and I don't know you data either. So in abstract terms I see:
IF( it is after 5pm, go home, otherwise stay at work)
IF( I'm tired, go to sleep, otherwise go to gym)
now combine them
well do I only do the 2nd if I go home? how do I combine those conditions?
I see what you mean. I think I'm trying to say:
IF (it is 5PM AND dark at night, go home, otherwise stay at work)
IF (if it is not 5PM AND daylight, go home, otherwise stay at work)

Is it possible to combine?

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Ahhh wait, this could be even easier than I thought. so quick question:
In the examples, will cell references B18 & L18 vs B20 & L20 become the SAME cells? If so then assuming everything for Row 18 then try:
=IF(OR( AND(B18<>$D$2, L18>=0), AND(B18=$D$2, L18>$F$2) ), VLOOKUP(B18,$D$2:$E$5,2,FALSE),VLOOKUP(B18,$D$2:$F$5,3,FALSE))

YES IT WORKED!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! This is exactly what I was trying to do!!!