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Good day all, I am trying to combine two IF statements but cant get it to work. It needs to find the date and the allocated values for that date and only then follow the calculation formula.


1. =IF(R1=Table615[Date], then follow the following formula

2. =IF(Q3=Table6[Kg],Table6[p/kg],IF(Q3>Table6[Kg],Table6[p/kg]-((Q3-Table6[Kg])*Table6[Penalty 1]),IF(Q3<Table6[Kg],Table6[p/kg]+((Table6[Kg]-Q3)*Table6[Penalty 1]))))

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You have two tables, Table615 and Table6, where you would like to place the result?

Next, R1=Table615[Date] returns some array, within it you would like to place another array depends on condition. Afraid that doesn't work.

Perhaps you may share small sample file to illustrate the case?


Hi @Janedb,

you are close to combine it together. 

You can try to use this formula to do that:

=IF(R1=Table615[Date], IF(Q3=Table6[Kg], Table6[p/kg], IF(Q3>Table6[Kg], Table6[p/kg]-((Q3-Table6[Kg])*Table6[Penalty 1]), IF(Q3<Table6[Kg], Table6[p/kg]+((Table6[Kg]-Q3)*Table6[Penalty 1])))), "Date not found!")

This formula will first check if R1 matches any date in Table615[Date]. If it does, it will then follow the calculation formula you provided.
If it doesn't find a matching date, it will display "Date not found!"

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@Sergei Baklan Hi Sergei, please see the sample attached.

Nearly there but as soon as I add more than one date the formula does not work.


A3 and A4 contain #REF! because they refer to another workbook...

@Hans Vogelaar Sorry, I forgot to remove the link.


If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021, the attached version should work.

I have Office 2013:(
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Here is a version that will work in Excel 2013:


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP($B$1, Table6, 3, FALSE)+(A3-VLOOKUP($B$1, Table6, 2, FALSE))*VLOOKUP($B$1, Table6, 4, FALSE), "Date Not Found")

Awesome!!! Thank you.