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  I'm running Windows 10 and Excel 2007. I have a spreadsheet exported from QuickBooks and want to better show the data. There are a few bits of information I want to see and don't really know where to start. I will attach a clip of it to show an example. I can attach the complete exported file if need be.



  As you can hopefully see I have highlighted a section. This column are invoice numbers and the export breaks it into line items per invoice. I want a row to show the culmination of the line items along with the original amount, paid amount. What is being shown to me as is is a line item with an original amount and if that amount is more than the Paid amount then there is a deposit on the account. I want to be able to pick out the deposits and show them separately so I know the bottom line does not include these deposits. It is confusing to me when I read this report as it is. What I want to do if possible is make some sort of temple that I can run this exported report thru to show these things. The report is just a year to date transaction report.

  I know a little about Excel but am lost here. I am not even sure this is possible. 

  Any input would be welcomed.

  Thank you,


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Hi @PaulMin,


Can you share a sample file?



@Yea_So ,

  Here is a file I pulled last week. I removed names etc. but the data is there.


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Hi @PaulMin,


I converted your table into an excel formatted table, added it to a data model and created a pivot table.

you can use the slicers to display by Month or by Date on the top right of each slicer there is a funnel, you can click that to remove the filters and show all.





That was fast. Thank you so much. I have to open it in Open Office as it looks better there. I have Excel 2007 and that doesn't allow slicers. But at least I can see this is possible. There are a few more tweaks but I will see if I can handle them. Very much appreciated.

Hi @PaulMin,


You are very welcome. 


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