Combining data - different workbooks

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I have a series of near identical spreadsheets in folder c:\documents\refunds with various titles which change every week.
Each file has a single row of values A2:D2 on worksheet [Sheet1]
Can I produce a spreadsheet in a different folder c:\weekly refunds that contains this row of data only from every file in the \refunds folder, ie a varying number of rows.


I attach sample files, the weekly refunds one would be in a different folder

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@David0424 Provided you are Not on a Mac, look into PowerQuery (PQ). Get Data, From File, From Folder. 


Chapter 9 in the link below (scoll down a bit on the web page), is just one of many on-line resources that describes how to do just that. If you are unfamiliar with PQ, I'd start at the top to acquaint yourself with the basics.