Combining columns together while adding new information

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My problem is I want to combine two columns together that have city and state but i also need to add a comma and a space in front of the state  this is for like 6000 plus cells, i would like to be able to do this all at once or add comma and space first for column b then combine columns togeather i.e

                A                             B                          End Result

nashville                               tn                  Nashville, TN

belleville                               il                    Belleville, IL



Thank You for your help.

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Hi Ryan


=PROPER(A1)&", "&UPPER(B1)

Hi Rayn,


Use this formula:

=PROPER(A2)&", "&UPPER(B2)


Thanks for all the help ended up using =concatenate(B:B,C:C) and then scrolled over D column hit ctrl+enter and wala i ended up using the same formula to add the comma and space just took an extra stepp and used paste special value to just keep text and not formula thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.



use Flash Fill.


Yes, that's exactly Flash Fill was done for.

Was flash fill Excel 2013 or 2007?

Wyn, it was introduced in 2013

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