combining 5 different excels in 1 main file

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I have five colleagues that have their own action lists where per task they keep by when they have started a task and what has done and when they have finished it.

The columns are in all the excels the same.

I need to combine all the excels in one main file, so when the manager opens the main file, he will see all the data of all the colleagues.

I could copy and paste all the data, but this way I will not have later on the accurate data.

I need to make it so that the main file will update automatically when a colleague has added a new task in his own excel.

How best to combine these different excels in one file?

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You may use Power Query in master file using From Folder connector. From time to time copy updated files in one folder / SharePoint folder and Refresh master file.

thank you, one more question, if I refresh the data, the columns get very long / the width of the columns change every time, and I have to change the "view" after every refreshing. is there a way to make sure the width does not change?


Right click on the table returned by Power Query, click on


and here uncheck