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I know this is a basic question, I am trying to combine columns while adding a space and the & sign.


Column A is the client's 1st name(John), Column B is their Spouse name(Jane) and Column C is the Last Name(Doe). When finished hoping that column D would say: John & Jane Doe


Thanks for your help!

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In D2:

=A2&" & "&B2&" "&C2

You can fill this down.

@BrokerJoey There are couple of ways to do that. In simple you can use-

=A2&" & " & B2 & " " &C2

With CONCAT() function

=CONCAT(A2," & ",B2," ",C2)

For dynamic spill result with one formula. See the attached file.





Since I do not think any formula is complete until it outputs a dynamic array, one could exploit a weakness of the old CONCATENATE function, which, unlike CONCAT fails to concatenate the terms of an array,


    Table1[First Name], " & ",
    Table1[Spouse Name], " ",
    Table1[Last Name]



Note: This formula only works when placed outside the Excel Table.  Inside the table, the "@" notation would be required and the table would propagate the formula down the column.