Combined 2 excel data show in other way?

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Hi, I am trying to combine 2 data cell into 1 cell, which is easily found tutorial in youtube, Using "&" or "CONCAT" function. The problem i faced now is whenever i select the target cell, it doesn't show the values or A2 but instead it shows some kind of preset script (I downloaded the inventory template, might be their formula or something)
Below is the screenshot, and hope to get some guide here. Thanks in advance

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@Anson_Ong Not sure I follow, but you are working in a so-called structured table. When you construct a formula and point at a cell in such a table you'll enter structured references. So, when you are in D7, start typing the = sign and the click on H7, Excel will enter @[COLOR], being the cell from the current row in the column named Color. When the column name contains spaces or special characters, the reference becomes a bit different, as you can see with [@[ITEM NO.]]. But the principle is the same.

Make sure that column called "SKU No" is formatted as General before you enter the formula in D7. Then it should work, though you may want to change it to:

=[@[ITEM NO.]]&@[COLOR] or =[@[ITEM NO.]]&" "&@[COLOR] if you want insert a space between the number and the color. Press enter and the formula should copy itself down the entire column.


Thanks a lot for the prompted reply. Yes, your solution worked, just make sure it formatted to General, and it works. Thanks a lot.