Combine Multiple IF Formulas

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I have the following formulas that I need to combine and the results in the same column/cell.






Both formulas work fine separately, but I need them to be in one cell, i.e. combined. How do I accomplish this?

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It very depends on which logic you'd like to use combining conditions. As variant

=IF(AND(N2>7.6,I2>40),   40,
 IF(I2<40,               I2,
 IF(AND(N5=7.5,I5>37.5), 37.5,
 IF(I5<37.5,             I5,

@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks this seems to be working except the  IF(AND(N5=,I5>37.5), 37.5 is not returning 37.5 in the cell if I5>37.5. Am I doing something wrong?




Perhaps since I2<40, when formula returns I2. Formula can't return both I2 and result of next condition, only one of them. We may only change priority, first check N5 & I5, next I2. But I don't know which logic you assume.

@Sergei Baklan I was able to get it to work...Thanks so much for your assistance.