Combine bank statement entries

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I have downloaded my monthly banks statement as an excel document, and I currently have a table that has 3 columns:

Narration (The business name)




I want to be able to combine all the debit/credit in a column with all other entries that have the same narration.


This is an example of what the data looks like


This is an example of what I want to be able to do




Thanks for any help!


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Hi @Jeremy1565 


A classic PivotTable does it easily (avail. in attachement). Otherwise...

With Power Query, Group by [Narration] and do an aggregate Sum or [Debit] and an aggregate Sum of [Credit]:




Sample attached



In case you want to do it with formulas and run Microsoft 365...



in J3:

    Narrations, UNIQUE(Table1[Narration]),
    Debits,     BYROW(Narrations, LAMBDA(rw, SUMIF(Table1[Narration],rw,Table1[Debit]))),
    Credits,    BYROW(Narrations, LAMBDA(rw, SUMIF(Table1[Narration],rw,Table1[Credit]))),
    CHOOSE(SEQUENCE(,3), Narrations, Debits, Credits)