Combination of INDEX and MATCH doesnt work.

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Hi guys I need your help. For work I need to compare two different files and compare columns and their values in each of these files and if they match, spit out a matching value.

I have "tried" the principle on a basic dataset (about 20 rows) and there it has always worked without problems, but when I apply this function to my relevant dataset (one file has about 300 rows, the other about 20,000), no matches come out, even if I create them manually on purpose. I used the following command.










Do you guys have any idea why it works once and not once? Possibly formatted incorrectly? I would be very happy about an answer.

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Have you double-checked both tables for things like leading and trailing spaces?
Also, to avoid false positives, I always use a separator character between the columns:



You can try this formula in the attached file. It's only a guess because i'm not sure what you actually want to do. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021.