Column not matching table style

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Hi, I’ve just created a table and one column hasn’t change to the banded colours. I’ve checked that it has “no fill”. It does have conditional formatting, would that affect it?
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Yes, conditional formatting will be on the top

Hi Sergei, is there a way to make it not on the top so it matches the rest of the table style?


Sorry, I don't know about such option, maybe with VBA


I am the wrong person to be contributing to this discussion since the immediate actions following the creation of a new table are a) Select White Table Style Light 1 b) Cancel Filter button c) Cancel banded rows d) View Cancel gridlines.  Not exactly in the spirit of spreadsheets!


Since you clearly like stripes, a couple of observations.

Firstly the the stripes still show for cells that do not satisfy the CF.  Secondly formula-driven conditional formats can reproduce an alternating pattern, e.g.

=(H5<>"") * ISEVEN(ROW())

=(H5<>"") * ISODD(ROW())