Column Grouping within a page.

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My employer has me make a report that takes about 200,000 Member Numbers, (5 digit numbers) copy them from one excel file, all in one column to another but has me cut and paste the cells so that they stay above line 38 (for printing reasons)

Is there a way to group the columns and set the page break to go to the next column on the same page and not the next page. I have tried grouping but I can not get the rules for that consistent. Thank you.

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Should the report have one or more header rows?

@Hans Vogelaar I do not believe so. They want all of those numbers to go chronologically from top to bottom from one column to the next per page. So lets say for example # 1-38 are in column A. 39-76 in column B etc etc.  They do not want a new page started or printed until they get to the last column, typically J.


Let's say your data are in column A on Sheet1.

On another sheet, press F5 or Ctrl+G to activate the Go To dialog.

Enter A1:GTL38 in the box, then click OK or press Enter.

Enter the following formula and confirm it with Ctrl+Enter to fill the entire selection.