Column and colors Format do not save

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I have imported data into a spreadsheet, formatted columns width, added colored text, saved it before closing it, and all formatting disappeared (back to the original) when I open it again next day. Never done that before. What am I missing?

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Did you happen to save the workbook as a CSV?

Thanks @Patrick2788 for your question. No, I usually save my work in xlsx, which is save automatically to this format.



A loss of that much formatting is often preceded with Excel attempting to repair the workbook on open. That would suggest the workbook has an exorbitant number of cells styles and/or is very large.


A workbook starts with 47 styles.  If a workbook is generated from outside of MS Office, it's possible it can come loaded with thousands of cell styles (about 65K is the limit).


This is the default 47:



Not the case, columns end at AB, and only 86 rows.