Colour filling a cell

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Hello, Any help appreciated - does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks in advanceexcel fill.pngyone know how to do this?

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This can be achieve a number of ways: manually, conditional formatting, VBA to name a few. That image is hard to see but I assume each "row" is actually 3 rows and they are 'merged' on the left. So manually you can highlight the 'middle' row and select the fill color you want. Using conditional formatting you can create a formula that would be true for that set of cells and define the fill color. And using VBA, well it is code and you would code it... i think I/we need more info about exactly what you are trying to achieve and what issue you have and it would help to have the sample file (no personal/confidential info). Also may help to know if you are using Excel 365 or what version


You can't split an individual cell, but you can make it appear as if a cell has been split by merging the cells above it.

Merge and unmerge cells



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